Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pilihan hati hamba


Dunia bersukan kembali menghantui diri ini. Haha. And for sure futsal is the choice! Tapi apa yang menjadi penghalang aku untuk beraksi dengan lebih mantap adalah........ Kasut! Ceehh! Kicik punya hal la wei! Wadehel! Haha. Memang la kecik punya hal tapi masalahnya sekarang ni aku takdak kasut futsal yang sesuai. Yang dah beli dulu tu memang dah barai teruk dah. Dah tak boleh nak berkhidmat untuk aku lagi. Isk. 

Dan aku dah buat beberapa observevation pasal kasut futsal. Dan ini adalah antara calon-calon yang bakal menjadi milik aku dan sedikit review untuk kasut-kasut tu. Hehe.

Kelme Apache 03

Let the Kelme Apache 03 bring out the best in you. With superb fit and feel courtesy of the nubuck leather upper and EVA insole. The Apache 03 also has a reinforced toe cap and a low profile rubber gum outsole with Kelme’s Rotation Point for quick movement in and off the court. Lightweight and stable, its great for casual wear too.

Kelme Professional
Inspired by the World and European Futsal Champion, Javi Rodriguez of FC Barcelona and Spain, Kelme Professional is a lightweight futsal shoe made from synthetic leather and textile with superb first-touch and feel. A professional EVA insole and rubber wedge outsole and rotational point allows for excellent grip and quick movement on the court.

Umbro Sala VS
Umbro VS Futsal Pro (name known in UK)
Umbro Sala Accurate LE (name known in Japan)
The latest futsal shoes from Umbro's VS range. Made with inputs from Brazilian star, Falçao (formerly of Malwee now with Santos). The Umbro Sala is his current preferred shoes.

Designed to meet the needs of futsal players, the Futsal Pro shoe is crafted to be as light and breathable as possible, with bevelled edges on the outsole to improve control. With the hidden lacing system creating a clean strike zone, and key impact zones featuring leather inserts to improve grip, all aspects of the shoe are designed to aid the player, whilst also making sure they look good off the pitch as well.

Apa kata survey? Yang mana pilihan hati? Sama-sama kita nantikan. Hehe

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